Utah investigators believe aliens obtained monolith materials from local hardware

Investigators in Utah are interviewing employees of local hardware stores in an attempt to ascertain where a group of fugitive aliens purchased their monolith building materials.  The aliens are being sought in connection with the discovery of a large silver monolith in a remote and protected area of the Utah desert.

“The components of the monolith do not appear to be otherworldly, as far as we can tell.  The sheet metal and rivets bear similarities to what one might find at any hardware or building supply store.  That is why we need to speak with store employees to find out whether they encountered these alien interlopers,” said an investigator with the Utah Department of Public Safety.

Interviews with store clerks have generated few leads and nothing promising, so far.  Investigators are also looking into whether the aliens may closely resemble earthlings. 

“We are not excluding the possibility that building materials of their world are identical in nature to Earth’s, and that they could have brought their own.  However, due to the constraints of interstellar space travel, we think it’s likely they acquired their monolith materials here on earth.  We’re also looking into the possibility that they may have outsourced the fabrication of the monolith to somewhere in the United States or China, and simply took delivery of the object once they arrived in our world,” said the investigator.

A store clerk at a Home Depot not far from the monolith site acknowledged that he’d been interviewed by investigators.

“Yeah, they asked me if I noticed any suspicious activity at the store, like someone speaking an unfamiliar language or trying to pass some strange currency.  I told them I seen a dude who spot on resembled Ace Frehley of KISS.  I don’t know, that might be something,” said the clerk. 

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