Deep state in deep shit?

Better watch your backs, agents of the deep state.  If Rep. Francis Rooney gets his way, you’re going to be in a world of shit.  Speaking to MSNBC, the GOP representative from Florida offered his assessment of the DOJ and FBI, “I would like to see the directors of these agencies purge…these people that are kind of deep state.”

To this end, House Republicans have developed a purity test for identifying and ultimately drowning these deep state actors in the very swamp they swim in.  It’s called the deep state detector and it’s housed in a plexiglass chamber in the bowels of the Capitol.  Functioning much like a lie detector, the subject is seated in a chair where vital signs and brain activity are monitored to reveal offenders harboring deep state secrets.  When the impure are identified, a torrent of Capitol Hill sewage fills the chamber and the deep state villain is flushed back into the swamp from whence they came.

Calibrating the machine should not have been difficult as some of the House Judiciary Committee’s most upright and fair minded GOP members were willing to sit for a reading.

Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte volunteered himself as the purest example of non-deep state impartiality.  The man who earlier commented that the DOJ’s “reputation as an impartial arbiter of justice has been called into question,” was asked if he thought he could fairly investigate and weed out DOJ and FBI deep staters despite his own Republican loyalty.  He had no sooner formed his response in the affirmative when the chamber rapidly filled with Capitol Hill shit (much of it his own) and was promptly flushed out into the swamp.

After earlier receiving many backslaps and complimentary high fives for his tough questioning of the FBI Director and Deputy AG, and letting them know that as the Russia investigation goes, “I think the public trust in this thing is gone,” Ohio Representative Jim Jordan offered himself up as the gold standard of non-partisan fairness.  “In light of your GOP fundraising and full throated support of Republican political objectives, can you truly investigate the administration in a non-biased and non-partisan manner?” he was asked.  Jim Jordan was flushed into the Potomac on a cascading wave of Capitol Hill excrement and the deep state detector is still very much a work in progress.

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