Trump to Putin: This winter’s on us

More evidence of Trump/Russia collusion or just a very chilly coincidence, some internet researchers are pointing to a recent arctic cold spell as proof of a quid pro quo between the president and Putin.  

In many areas of the nation today, high temperatures hovered in the single digits while Moscow delighted in a balmy 35 F.  Normal highs for January 1 would have most americans waking up hung over to temps in the thirties while the russians would turn to vodka to ward off chilly readings in the teens.

So what’s the reason for the reversal?  Some point to Trump’s weeks long relocation to Mar-a-Lago as evidence that something is amiss.  The arctic blast just happened to coincide with his trip down south.  And what about the increased activity of military aircraft around the arctic circle some researchers are reporting.  Is the military manipulating the jet stream on the president’s orders?  Is it all pay back for Russia handing Trump an election victory?

For now, we can only speculate and take comfort in the assurance that in time Trump Jr. will surely loosen his lips and let the whole cat out of the bag. 

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