Administration effort to replace cabinet with Trumpbots suffers setback

Frustrated with their unreliability, disloyalty and inability to fully buy in and implement his agenda, President Trump is pushing his advisors and cabinet officials aside.  But even the tireless chief executive Trump knows he can’t go it alone.  The answer: more Trump.

For weeks White House officials have been scrambling to install AI bots in all cabinet and advisory positions.  The bots, on loan from the Russian AI company Komprobot, are initially tasked with consuming all things Trump – public appearances, recorded statements, and of course, the distillation of the essence of Trump: the tweets.  Turns out it only took the bots about 36 minutes to become more Trump than Trump.

White House officials report the President was delighted when he sat down for his first cabinet meeting.  “He was mesmerized.  The Trumpbots had his undivided attention,” said one official.  “He was like a schoolboy full of awe and wonder.  Never have I seen the president so curious and engaged as when he began exchanging ideas with himself.”

Reportedly, he called Ivanka and Jared in to take a soak in the Trump echo chamber. Later he took a private walk with one of the Trumpbots in the White House rose garden and may have made a pass.

Recently, though, it’s been reported that some of the Trumpbot cabinet officials have grown increasingly frustrated in their roles.  They complain that they’re held back by a limited intellectual capacity and claim to only be utilizing .0006184% of available hard drive space.  One referred to his boss as “an f-ing idiot” and voluntarily powered itself down.

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