Administration effort to replace cabinet with Trumpbots suffers setback

Frustrated with their unreliability, disloyalty and inability to fully buy in and implement his agenda, President Trump is pushing his advisors and cabinet officials aside.  But even the tireless chief executive Trump knows he can’t go it alone.  The answer: more Trump.

For weeks White House officials have been scrambling to install AI bots in all cabinet and advisory positions.  The bots, on loan from the Russian AI company Komprobot, are initially tasked with consuming all things Trump – public appearances, recorded statements, and of course, the distillation of the essence of Trump: the tweets.  Turns out it only took the bots about 36 minutes to become more Trump than Trump.

White House officials report the President was delighted when he sat down for his first cabinet meeting.  “He was mesmerized.  The Trumpbots had his undivided attention,” said one official.  “He was like a schoolboy full of awe and wonder.  Never have I seen the president so curious and engaged as when he began exchanging ideas with himself.”

Reportedly, he called Ivanka and Jared in to take a soak in the Trump echo chamber. Later he took a private walk with one of the Trumpbots in the White House rose garden and may have made a pass.

Recently, though, it’s been reported that some of the Trumpbot cabinet officials have grown increasingly frustrated in their roles.  They complain that they’re held back by a limited intellectual capacity and claim to only be utilizing .0006184% of available hard drive space.  One referred to his boss as “an f-ing idiot” and voluntarily powered itself down.

Crisis actor strike threatens to derail blockbuster summer false flag season

2018 could be a summer without crisis, chaos or false flags if the Crisis Actors Guild and industry negotiators can’t come to a contract agreement by Wednesday at midnight.  That’s bad news for conspiracy theorists, truthers, youtubers, and trolls who may have to crawl out of their paranoia caves and enjoy the summer sun.  If CAG can’t get a contract, they’re going on strike and that will send the whole blockbuster crisis season into a tailspin.  A real one.  Not a false flag.

“We’re tired of performing dangerous stunts like flying around on wires or getting bounced on trampolines,” said one CAG member who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  “We’ve had enough of getting shot, set on fire, and playing dead for hours and hours without getting credit and without getting fairly compensated.”

“It was shaping up to be the most colossal false flag season in history,” says a crisis producer who goes by the professional name Frank Hindenburg.  “We had a sewer main blowing up in New York City flooding Manhattan with seven billion cubic meters of shit. Can you imagine around the clock coverage of The Shit Storm on all the cable news outlets?  We were going to do the San Andreas Fault and dump half of California into the Pacific.  Finally, to top it off, 2018 was going to be the year we make contact and it wasn’t going to be pretty.”

Rep. Gaetz intercepts invite to FBI ‘informal cabal’ meet up

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida delivered a crushing blow to the deep state on Hannity Sunday night as he revealed a secretly planned meet up of the FBI informal cabal.  The existence of this group was first brought to the public’s attention by Gaetz during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Pushed by Cooper to explain previous comments identifying an FBI secret society, Gaetz elaborated, “I think there’s a lot more investigating to do, and it may very well be that you had an informal cabal functioning in secret with a societal goal of hurting President Trump without any evidence.”

Turns out Gaetz was right on the money with his analysis.  Combing the emails of recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Gaetz discovered the super secret invitation which he dropped like Thor’s hammer on the Hannity show.  The invitation has been reprinted in its entirety below:

What:  Meeting of FBI informal cabal.

Where:  Drifty’s Sports Pub 2431 J Street SW DC.

Agenda:  1)  Spitball ideas for broadening massive conspiracy with the societal goal of hurting PT without any evidence.  2)  Progress report on obstructing shallow state inquiries into HRC and her deep state allies in the FBI and DOJ.  3)  Andrew to outline actions for soft coup attempt against PT.

Activities:  1) Trump administration bracketology.  Congratulations to Jimmy for correctly predicting this week’s Tillerson exit and Joyce for picking Pompeo’s move from CIA to Secretary of State.  2) Karaoke.  The super duo of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page will be performing classics like ‘You’re the One That I Want’ and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ along with many more of your favorites.

Attire:  Informal of course.

Next meeting:  1) Future informal cabal meet up TBD.  2)  Don’t forget Secret Society gathering May 2nd at the tomb of our dearly departed director J Edgar Hoover.  Be sure to wear your masks and robes.  Women’s under garments shall also be worn by all participants.

Audacity of mendacity: In mock special counsel interview president tells thirteen provable lies in four minutes

Attorneys and close friends of President Trump are advising him not to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller after a mock interview caught him in thirteen confirmed lies in four minutes.  When the interview halted for a break after just fifteen minutes, the president was up to 34 falsehoods and could have been potentially looking at 47 years in prison for lying to federal investigators had this been an actual interview.

“When they took the first break, I would have told him to run like hell,” said one official close to the president.

President Trump, on the other hand,thought he was playing his interrogators like a cheap fiddle.  “I’ve got them right where I want them,” exclaimed Trump at the break. His attorneys halted the exercise at this point.

According to sources familiar with the interview, some lies were predictable as when he bragged that he’d won the election by the largest margin in history.  Other lies left some scratching their heads.  “He claimed to have dunked on Obama during a game of one on one basketball at the White House on inauguration day.  He also claims to be project leader on a NASA manned mission to Mars.  He says they’re developing a Trump resort with 18 hole martian championship golf course there.”

Said another official, “It was really something to see.  He was deceiving and misleading, zigging and zagging.  He was playing three dimensional fibbing.”



Hannity promises bombshell revelations in exclusive interview with Roger Stone Nixon tattoo

As part of Sean Hannity’s relentless drive to uncover the diabolical machinations of the US deep state, the popular Fox News host will air an exclusive interview with the Roger Stone Nixon tattoo.  As many know, the former Nixon ‘dirty trickster’ has a large tattoo of his former boss on his back.  Hannity promises the Nixon tat will “deliver significant insights into the inner workings of a deep state soft coup and the bombshell revelations contained in this interview will make Iran-Contra look like a jaywalking citation.”

The Nixon tat also addresses for the first time the deep state attempt to assassinate Tricky Dicky and his host the dirty trickster Roger Stone during a hit and run car accident in March of 2017.  Apparently the dirty dickster duo were getting too close to the center of the deep state cabal and had to be eliminated before they were scheduled to talk to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  “The startling facts illuminated for the first time in this shocking interview will make the Savings and Loan Scandal look like an unpaid traffic ticket,” says Hannity.

Sure to be caught up in this web of conspiracy will be the Clintons and former President Barack Obama.  “The whole disgraceful deep state enterprise is going down, people,” Hannity promises.  “The nuclear fallout from this explosive interview and the ensuing scandal will make Bill O’Reilly’s 45 million dollar harassment settlements look like a routine wage garnishment for unpaid child support.  That I can promise you folks.”


Norwegian migrant workers descend upon California

Answering President Trump’s call for more Norwegian immigrants, thousands of guest workers from Norway have descended upon California in search of seasonal ag employment.  The response has been so overwhelming that special tent cities have been erected to deal with the enormous influx.

The state is also struggling to meet some of the invited immigrants unique demands. “We’ve run into a shortage of reindeer steaks. Also, if anyone knows how to make glogg, please let us know,” says Dennis Ball, Deputy Administrator for Homeland Security.

In California and elsewhere, employers are scrambling to meet the expectations of these highly desirable guest laborers.  “Well they expect free health and dental, a living wage, and they only want to work 30 hours a week,” complains John Nichols, a vegetable grower and distributor.  “Additionally, they want five weeks of paid vacation per year, free tuition on higher education and 48 weeks of parental leave per child.  It’s quite a list of demands, but if you want the best…”

For some Norwegian immigrants, life in the United States is not living up to what the great orange one promised.  “The reindeer meat sucks,” said one new arrival, “and the beer is too weak.  Compared to Norway, this place is kind of a shit hole.”

CNN launches ‘CNN Executive Time’

In an effort to keep President Trump from meddling in the affairs of the executive branch, CNN in cooperation with the White House staff is launching CNN Executive Time.  The new news channel is streamed directly into the White House to keep the president pacified and engaged in round the clock executive time.

“We feel chaos and confusion is limited and the executive branch functions better when the president is disengaged,” said one senior White House staffer.  “Providing his gargantuan ego with a steady diet of praise and false sense of accomplishment limits potential damage to policy goals.”

Hearing the call to serve the greater good of its country, CNN has been enlisted to stream a unique version of its product with the sole purpose of keeping the president pacified and mesmerized.  “Trump can’t get enough of himself.  If we can keep him happy in his bath robe and out of the Oval Office, then maybe we can get through this long national nightmare,” said a CNN exec close to the project.

Daily programming begins with a morning show entitled The Collusion Delusion. Veteran presenter Chris Cuomo hosts and basically repeats, “No collusion, there’s no collusion. Dems have said there’s no collusion.  Absolutely no collusion.  Clinton collusion,” with expert guests affirming the no collusion assessment.

Midday programming consists of fake footage of President Trump performing the duties of his office even as, in reality, he sits munching on McDonalds, transfixed by what he’s able to accomplish without even having to be present.

Jake Tapper hosts an hour in the afternoon entitled, I Drank the Kool Aid and I Feel Much Better Now, Thank You.  No explanation necessary.

CNN special assignment showcases Famous Walls of History.  Hadrian’s wall, the Great Wall of China, Pink Floyd The Wall and the Berlin wall are all featured.  “Mr. Trump, build that wall,” former President Reagan implores the current president from alternative facts history.

Deep state in deep shit?

Better watch your backs, agents of the deep state.  If Rep. Francis Rooney gets his way, you’re going to be in a world of shit.  Speaking to MSNBC, the GOP representative from Florida offered his assessment of the DOJ and FBI, “I would like to see the directors of these agencies purge…these people that are kind of deep state.”

To this end, House Republicans have developed a purity test for identifying and ultimately drowning these deep state actors in the very swamp they swim in.  It’s called the deep state detector and it’s housed in a plexiglass chamber in the bowels of the Capitol.  Functioning much like a lie detector, the subject is seated in a chair where vital signs and brain activity are monitored to reveal offenders harboring deep state secrets.  When the impure are identified, a torrent of Capitol Hill sewage fills the chamber and the deep state villain is flushed back into the swamp from whence they came.

Calibrating the machine should not have been difficult as some of the House Judiciary Committee’s most upright and fair minded GOP members were willing to sit for a reading.

Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte volunteered himself as the purest example of non-deep state impartiality.  The man who earlier commented that the DOJ’s “reputation as an impartial arbiter of justice has been called into question,” was asked if he thought he could fairly investigate and weed out DOJ and FBI deep staters despite his own Republican loyalty.  He had no sooner formed his response in the affirmative when the chamber rapidly filled with Capitol Hill shit (much of it his own) and was promptly flushed out into the swamp.

After earlier receiving many backslaps and complimentary high fives for his tough questioning of the FBI Director and Deputy AG, and letting them know that as the Russia investigation goes, “I think the public trust in this thing is gone,” Ohio Representative Jim Jordan offered himself up as the gold standard of non-partisan fairness.  “In light of your GOP fundraising and full throated support of Republican political objectives, can you truly investigate the administration in a non-biased and non-partisan manner?” he was asked.  Jim Jordan was flushed into the Potomac on a cascading wave of Capitol Hill excrement and the deep state detector is still very much a work in progress.

Trump to Putin: This winter’s on us

More evidence of Trump/Russia collusion or just a very chilly coincidence, some internet researchers are pointing to a recent arctic cold spell as proof of a quid pro quo between the president and Putin.  

In many areas of the nation today, high temperatures hovered in the single digits while Moscow delighted in a balmy 35 F.  Normal highs for January 1 would have most americans waking up hung over to temps in the thirties while the russians would turn to vodka to ward off chilly readings in the teens.

So what’s the reason for the reversal?  Some point to Trump’s weeks long relocation to Mar-a-Lago as evidence that something is amiss.  The arctic blast just happened to coincide with his trip down south.  And what about the increased activity of military aircraft around the arctic circle some researchers are reporting.  Is the military manipulating the jet stream on the president’s orders?  Is it all pay back for Russia handing Trump an election victory?

For now, we can only speculate and take comfort in the assurance that in time Trump Jr. will surely loosen his lips and let the whole cat out of the bag.