Rapper Snug-E smothered in hugs by multiple assailants while filming video

In what police are describing as a “targeted attack,” little known rapper Snug-E was hugged, squeezed and nuzzled in excess of 57 times as he live-streamed a video on a downtown sidewalk Tuesday.

Witnesses say the rapper was gesturing forcefully at the camera and projecting toughness, when three vehicles converged and an unspecified number of assailants unloaded a barrage of hugs and embraces on Snug-E until he eventually collapsed on the sidewalk.

“Oh, they hugged the shit out of that dude,” said one witness.  “All I saw was these boys pull up, and I thought this is going to be trouble.  Then they started hugging on him and shit.” 

Despite having only a handful of followers on YouTube, video of the attack went viral attracting hundreds of thousands of views.  Mysteriously, though, the rapper lost nearly half of his 32 followers in the wake of the incident.

Reached for comment as he lay recovering in the hospital, Snug-E denied being the rapper in the video, claiming his hospitalization was the result of a shootout with a rival rap group and not a preplanned group hug. 

“Unfortunately, Snug’s career will probably never recover from this incident,” said one industry insider.  “To be caught on video in a hail of snuggles and warm embraces is something he’ll probably never live down.”

Pelosi deputy chief of staff astonished at video editing technology

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill expressed his amazement Friday over a video making the rounds on Facebook showing President Trump delivering the State of the Union address interspersed with images of Pelosi ripping up the speech. 

“What these clever young fellows have done is take the entire State of the Union speech, extract a few short video clips, and then somehow piece them back together again, thereby creating a condensed version with only the most noteworthy parts.  I’m at a loss for words,” said Hammill in a statement directed at the popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

“But get this,” Hammill continued, “these ingenious lads pieced it together in such a way that turns the dramatic moment of Pelosi ripping up the speech against her.  How clever is that?”   

Hammill could barely contain his disbelief.  “What is this foul magic they harness to rearrange video and reassemble it for their own nefarious purposes?  Whatever it is, the Democrats need to get their hands on it. Think of the possibilities. We could snip short clips of some of President Trump’s most outrageous and deplorable moments and reassemble them into a montage of disgrace and disrepute.  This could be a political game-changer. No longer would the viewer have to sit through hours and hours of tape just to get to the juicy bits. We could turn the president’s words against him. I am really going to have to work on this,” Hammill concluded.