Cuomo pledges to flatten curve on rising number of sexual misconduct cases

As the number of Andrew Cuomo sexual misconduct victims continues to rise, threatening to overrun the state’s legal system, the New York governor has pledged to use all available resources to flatten the curve by the end of the month.  In recent days, additional victims have come forward acknowledging exposure to what legal experts and public health officials are now variously calling Cuomovirus or Cuomo-21.

“Certainly we’re concerned about the rapidly expanding rate of Cuomo-21 cases.  The governor has already indicated a strong desire to do whatever it takes to slow the spread, including holding daily press briefings to keep the public informed about what New York state government is doing to defeat the threat Cuomo poses,” said the governor’s spokesperson, Rachel Garvey.

In the governor’s first press briefing, he pledged 21 days to stop the spread and urged all women who might potentially fall into his orbit to just stay home.  “Ladies, I can’t stress this enough, please just stay home.  If you can all just keep yourselves away from me for as long as possible, I think we can bring down the curve,” the governor emphasized.   

As of Wednesday there were six confirmed cases of misconduct, but experts warn the real number is almost certainly much higher.  “For every reported case there could be as many as ten additional cases we don’t even know about,” warned Anne Clark, one of the attorney’s appointed to lead the investigation.

Many in the public are wondering when we might expect to see the number of daily cases peak and begin to decline.  Governor Cuomo addressed the issue in Wednesday’s briefing.  “Listen, we’ve been paying very close attention to the projection models.  Right now, it’s anybody’s guess when these women with whom I’ve had previous encounters will stop coming forward.  The curve could continue to rise, bend and then fall dramatically, or it might at some point level off.  Really, it’s incumbent upon you ladies to self-isolate in your homes for the next three weeks, or if you must be in my presence, please maintain a distance of at least six feet and cover yourself entirely in loose-fitting unattractive garments,” Cuomo said.

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