Members of Led Zeppelin to record a special 50th anniversary follow-up to “Going to California” called “Leaving California”

Remaining members of Led Zeppelin are reportedly hitting the studio this month to record a special 50th anniversary edition of their 1971 hit “Going to California.”

In an effort to keep the music fresh and timely, the new project will be titled “Leaving California” in honor of the mass exodus of the state’s residents in recent months.

“Fifty years ago, everybody was ‘Going to California’ and ‘California Dreaming,’” said a spokesperson for the band.  “Today it seems like the dream is over.  Californians have gone from knowing how to party and Californicating to fleeing in droves.  Anyway, the guys thought it made sense to go in the studio and see what that idealistic dreamer from 1971 is up to fifty years later.”  

Fifty years with a woman unwell

Spent my dough and dragged me through hell

Made up my mind to set myself free

Leaving California after hip replacement and a colonoscopy  

Someone told me there’s woman out there

With most of her teeth and curlers in her hair

Took my chances on a mobility scooter

It’s a low emission non-polluter

A homeless man poops on the sidewalk at dawn

A movie producer tells him get off my lawn 

People in the street start to riot and shake

Hippies load their buses for the Lone Star State 

Looks like a cop on patrol 

Got a punch in the nose and it started to flow

I think I should be going

The record is scheduled for a November 2021 release, and Covid willing, a tour to follow.

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