Misunderstood Comey smashes set of The Lead with Jake Tapper

Apparently, life on the book tour circuit can be a little lonely.  Following an appearance on the CNN news show The Lead with Jake Tapper, former FBI director James Comey had had enough of the panel’s snarky criticisms and stormed the set.

“There is love in me the likes of which you’ve never seen.  There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape.  If I am not satisfied in the one, I will indulge the other,” he exclaimed before flying into a stiff legged rampage, smashing the set and sending panelists screaming and scrambling for the exits.

The six foot eight inch Comey tottered unsteadily and thrashed at the set lights, boom mics, and cameras that seemed to close in on him, making him even more frightened and agitated.  Guttural growls accompanied his flailing.

Finally, a cool-headed Tapper extended a gentle hand to the raging giant.  “Friend,” Tapper offered.

The pain and frustration of months of abuse heaped on him from both Trump and Hillary supporters seemed to dissipate as he took Tapper’s hand and nodded, “Friend.”

Eventually, the reflective Comey regained his composure and with cameras still rolling admitted, “Alone bad.  Friend good.”