Antifa invades Hong Kong protests, steals American flags

Antifa stormtroopers were spotted on the streets of Hong Kong today, stealing American flags and punching protesters who sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Reminding protesters that the Stars and Stripes is actually a symbol of racism and oppression, Antifa strongly urged protesters to cease their American flag waving and take up the communist red flag of China.  Protesters who failed to comply were punched and pepper sprayed.

Jackbooted Antifa thugs also attacked journalists, smashing cameras and criticizing journalists for undermining Beijing’s efforts to impose communist party control over the prosperous autonomous territory.

Party leaders in Beijing were quick to praise the Antifa mob for their work on behalf of the revolution.  “The Chinese government is greatly indebted to these clueless American idiots for their efforts to suppress pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.  They recognize that free speech is a threat to the revolution and true peace and freedom can only be achieved through violence and repression. Thank you, Antifa, for doing our work for us and furthering our cause around the globe.”