Fauci emerges as critics’ choice to play next Bond

Riding a wave of critical success from the blockbuster documentary that bears his name, Dr. Anthony Fauci has rocketed to the top of most critics’ lists to replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond.  With No Time To Die solidly at the top of the box office rankings, critics are already putting pressure on Broccoli and Wilson to lockdown Fauci as the next 007.

“The world’s number one villain is quite clearly COVID,” says LA Times film critic, Robert Abele.  “I think it’s high time someone cast an infectious disease doctor in the role of 007.”    

“We need a Bond for our time,” critics demand.  On screen, Fauci is mesmerizing.  His intellectual heroism, style and sophistication make him an obvious choice for an era forever altered by COVID.  He’s a man entirely accustomed to dancing with danger.  Clear-eyed and debonair, Fauci would make the perfect pairing for the right Bond girl.  “Masked or unmasked,” he entreats his sexy female foil.    

“In an era of vaccine hesitancy, what better way to make the jab seem cool and glamorous than casting COVID’s greatest enemy in the role of the cinema’s most beloved spy,” says the New York Times Manohla Dargis. 

Even more compelling than his stirring profile in Fauci, Fauci as Bond would drown out the mixed messages and misinformation and provide the final impetus to get all the remaining doubters and non-believers inoculated.  

Critics have always had a deep and abiding connection with the movie-going public.  With Fauci as Bond there can be no doubt they’ve picked a winner. 

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