Thanks to Facebook, skaters now able to connect with one another and hang out

The life of a skater was a lonely one until recent years.  The typical skater was a solitary figure haunting the skate park or aimlessly gliding down a city street looking for someone, anyone to burn a doobie with.  It seemed like no one cared, like no one shared their interest.  In the old days, the discovery of an abandoned pool was like striking gold, except there was no way to communicate the find to other like-minded skaters.  Thus the solitary punk usually just hung out by his or herself, mastering tricks, drinking beer and listening to Black Flag all alone.  Some skaters built half-pipes, but the problem of how to discover others who might also wish to hone their vertical skills persisted.  It seemed like the idea of building a community around skateboarding was a fleeting pipe dream, like that elusive perfect move that never seems to come together.  Then came Facebook extending a hand up after you’ve taken a nasty spill.  They want to help skaters pursue their dreams, like a cool dad who built you a half-pipe, only they’re like this creepy stranger who just wants to get to know everything about you.  They’re the friendly dude at the park who just wants to introduce you to all these other friendly folks they think you’ll like.  Now, thanks to Facebook, that lonely skater soaring high above the scorching concrete while Suicidal Tendencies blasts in the background has finally found a friend and somebody to burn that doobie with.

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