Revolution Fantasy Camp

Most people are content to live quiet, peaceful lives, spending time with loved ones, family and friends.  For them a raucous time might involve going to a Bon Jovi concert or visiting an amusement park.  However, some folks aren’t content to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures, like reading a book, going to the movies, or camping with the family.  These unpleasant individuals are discontented and absolutely certain there is someone else to blame for their unhappiness.  The government, racial or ethnic groups, and evil corporate overlords are some of their favorite targets.  Additionally, they can’t stand the fact that there are people in the world who have differing views and opinions.  It causes them a great deal of consternation.  Enough so that they feel they have to go out and smash shit.      

If this sounds like someone you know, consider gifting them a four-day, three-night stay at Revolution Fantasy Camp.  Does your teen dream of leading a peasant revolt?  Get him out of the house and into a Central American jungle where he’ll join a ragtag band of mercenaries planning an assault on a capital.  Four days in the jungle and a case of malaria ought to satisfy that revolutionary craving.  Do you have an uncle who won’t shut up about ethnic cleansing?  Three nights in the Balkans on the run from a death squad is sure to give him a renewed appreciation for cold beer and Chicago Cubs baseball on the television. 

Worried about Covid?  Try our virtual reality tours.  Send your Qanon hubby to a Deep State detention center for some enhanced interrogation and re-education.  Afterward, he’ll spend less time on 4-chan, and start taking you out for ice cream.

If breaking shit is your thing, ask about our weekend demo packages.  We’ll hook you up with your own condemned building so you can put your fondness for destruction to good use.

If you or someone you know is the world’s forgotten boy, don’t search and destroy, contact Revolution Fantasy Camp.  Stop being a bothersome pest to society and those you love.  Log on to Revolution Fantasy Camp and Be Anarchy! 

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