Appearing on The View, Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Two Cents’ proposal stretches into commercial break

During Thursday’s appearance on ‘The View’, Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, launched into a lengthy list of ambitious proposals that could be accomplished through a wealth tax on the richest .1% of Americans.  The tax would kick in on fortunes exceeding 50 million dollars and would take two cents of every dollar over that threshold.

As Warren has previously outlined, such a tax would fund universal healthcare. However, Thursday, in front of an excited studio audience, Warren proposed cancelling student loan debt to raucous cheers and applause.  “But wait, we can do so much more,” the Senator announced to the stunned View hosts. Universal free college tuition, universal child care, universal pre-K, and give every childcare worker and preschool worker a raise, the Senator ticked off as the audience went bananas.  

This being television, the segment had to end and the program went to a commercial break.  However, Senator Warren wasn’t done yet: “Two cents,” she announced, holding up two fingers.  “Two cents. Got an opioid addiction? For two cents, you get universal free addiction counseling and we’ll pay off your drug debts.  Overdue library book? Two cents gets you universal overdue library book forgiveness. Are you a former client of Michael Avenatti? For two cents, we’ll pay you back everything he stole from you.  Two cents and we’ll make Tesla profitable. Of course, some of it’s coming out of your fortune, Elon Musk. Somebody told me 50 Cent is only worth 48. These are our values we’re talking about here.  I think the top .1% can afford to give up two cents on the dollar to make him 50 Cent again. But wait, we can do so much more. For two cents, we can get them to change the ending to Game of Thrones…”

Although the Senator wasn’t finished, at his point she had to be whisked off the set by producers before the show returned from commercial break.

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