Morning Joe panel “Gab-smacked”

Apparently the Morning Joe crew was only interested in hearing one thing out of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard during her Wednesday appearance on the show:  Assad = enemy.

Unable to get “enemy” after relentless questioning by Kacie DC, Morning Joe indicated that the panel would settle for “adversary”.  When “adversary” wasn’t forthcoming,  Mika desperately tried to get a word out of Gabbard, “If you cannot say that he’s an adversary or an enemy, what is Assad to the U.S.?  What is the word?”

What is the word Rep. Gabbard?  Just give us a word.

Gabbard actually gave them a lot of words.  Words describing the U.S. troop presence in Syria as a mission to defeat ISIS and not “to wage yet another costly destructive regime change war.”  Words decrying previous regime change wars and nation building attempts. Words critical of deploying U.S. troops without a clear mission or objective. Words taking Congress to task for abdicating their responsibility when it comes to deploying American troops.

Clearly, these weren’t the words the Morning Joe crew wanted to hear.  Kacie DC looked positively thunderstruck, reminding Gabbard of Assad’s dirty deeds all while looking as if she were being dragged down the highway to hell.  

Of course, almost instantaneously, heads began exploding all across the establishment media landscape, and like a middle school rumor, the MSM spread the news far and wide.  “Hey, did you hear what Tulsi Gabbard said about Assad? Here watch this video of Tulsi Gabbard saying Assad is not the enemy of the United States.”

So if you follow the HuffPost, or if the Daily Beast reporting is something you take seriously, then Tulsi Gabbard is secretly in love with Assad, she’s being propped up by the Russians, she’s a darling of the far right, and she’s endorsed by David Duke.  

Personally, I’m not aware of who or what David Duke endorses.  It’s not something I follow. I don’t know what kind of barbecue sauce he favors, or which brand of mattress he prefers.  Apparently, though, this is all something the Daily Beast takes seriously and tracks very closely.

For now, it seems the establishment media is making it clear there is no room for an anti-interventionist, anti-war candidate.  Their only interest is to smear the outsider with bullshit stories that wouldn’t even fly on this blog because we’re only interested in mostly bullshit stories, not the heaping, steaming piles of pure, uncut bullshit they’re slanging at the Daily Beast and NBC.  But I have to say, watching Rep. Gabbard call out NBC reporting to a stunned Morning Joe panel on NBC was pretty fucking cool.

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