Senator Ted Cruz on what to do if you’re in your home and find yourself murdered by police

In a television interview Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz offered the public some wise advice on how to react when you find yourself murdered in your home by police.  Speaking about the recent fatal shooting of a black man in Dallas, the Senator astutely pointed out, “obviously the individual was at home in his apartment and found himself murdered”. 

The murderer turned out to be the victim’s cop neighbor who had wandered into the wrong apartment.  However, Senator Cruz cautioned against focusing too narrowly on the murderer when it comes to placing blame and even offered some tips for how to avoid finding oneself murdered.   

“First off, one should avoid blaming the cop that just murdered you.  I don’t think it helps anything to jump to any conclusions,” the Senator stressed.  “Everybody wants to blame the murderer.  We all need to just stop, take a moment, examine the situation and see if there is any way we can pin this on the victim.”

“Secondly,” Cruz continued, “if you believe there is a likelihood that you might find yourself murdered in your apartment, you may want to go ahead and leave for a little while.  Try going bowling, or do what I do, go to the bingo hall.  But remember, knock on your door when you return.  It is very important that you do not startle the cop who may not realize it is in the wrong apartment.  Of course, there is no guarantee the cop won’t shoot you for knocking on the door.  So beware, it is just as frightened as you, only it has a gun and permission to use it regardless of the situation.”

“This leads in to my final point, what to do if you discover a lost cop inside your home and it won’t leave.  Avoid trying to shoo it away.  Do not make any large sudden movements and avoid eye contact.  This is a sure way to find yourself murdered in your home.  It’s often best just to leave the door open and wait for the lost cop to wander off.  Usually, in the morning around feeding time, they will strike out in search of coffee and pastry.”

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