Q returns from working vacation at Kennedy compound as QAnon movement premiers in primetime

For nearly three weeks in July, the online anonymous poster Q kept his followers in the dark as to his thoughts and whereabouts.  Now Q is back, his followers are rejoicing and their taking the QAnon show to primetime.  At Trump rallies last week in Florida and Pennsylvania, Q supporters were widely visible, forcing the MSM to acknowledge them and their growing movement.

So where does the leader of an online conspiracy cult disappear to for a three week July vacation?  Think logically.  Why Hyannis Port of course, and the Kennedy Compound in particular.  According to sources familiar with the situation, Q held extensive meetings and strategy sessions with JFK Jr. as they plotted the final maneuvers of the Deep State take down.  Yes, you read that correctly, he met with John F. Kennedy Jr.  As QAnon lore would have it, JFK Jr. faked his death over twenty years ago so he could come back today and help orchestrate a take down of the Clintons, Obama and the entire Deep State.

Reports indicate Q is fond of clam bakes, sailing and sealing indictments.  In fact, participants describe the Hyannis Port meet up as one big indictment orgy.  So many indictments to seal that Mueller and his team had to be called in to assist.  Oh yeah, for those unfamiliar with the QAnon narrative, the special counsel’s Trump/Russia investigation is just a diversion to conceal the real investigation aimed at taking down the Deep State and DNC pedophiles. 

Logical thinking, right?  Well, this kind of logical thinking travels half way around the world before the facts have time to put their pants on.  QAnon subscribers refer to their movement as The Great Awakening, asserting they’ve been hoodwinked by the Swamp and the MSM for years, and have had their eyes opened and the truth revealed by Q’s clues. 

If you’re not a logical thinker, just take it from popular QAnon disciple Praying Medic who tweets out interpretations of Q’s cryptic drops and produces Youtube videos that tie it all together.  In his world, the Deep State deliver their daily talking points to the MSM every morning at 4:00 am, and Paul Manafort and Carter Page were implanted in the Trump campaign by the Obama administration to act as Deep State informants and ultimately to take down Trump.  (Amazing how Obama had the forethought to insert these guys into the Trump campaign.  Not to mention, didn’t the FBI have an informant trying to extract information from their informant Carter Page?)  Also, when The Storm finally occurs, Obama, the Clintons and all their Deep State henchmen are going to end up in GITMO.

The mental gymnastics required to follow this logical thinking resembles a Romanian gymnast performing all manner of improbable twists and turns, flips and impossible contortions.  They haven’t yet concocted a degree of difficulty capable of capturing the scope and complexity of this routine.  Which is probably why you have to join the cult before you can “become awake.”  Most likely, most Q supporters at the Trump rally are anything but awake.  Most likely, Q went on vacation to Hyannis Port and all they got was a lousy t-shirt.  WWG1WGA

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