Rep. Jim Jordan has questions for FBI and Justice after Trump takes phone call from the deep state

Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio wasn’t born yesterday.  After news reports began to surface that President Trump had returned the call of a comedian posing as New Jersey  Senator Bob Menendez, Jordan was incredulous. 

“This appears to be yet another spying expedition ordered by the FBI in an attempt to bring down our president,” Jordan stated in a weekend appearance on Fox and Friends.

“This is as bad as it gets.  The Swamp will stop at nothing.  I’m calling on Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to produce the FISA warrant application authorizing this Stuttering John character to surveil President Trump, and if I don’t get it, I’m going to subpoena those phone calls.”

This last statement produced audible giggles among the Fox and Friends cast and crew.

“Stop laughing.  I’m serious.  Man, why does everybody laugh when I talk about subpoenaing phone calls?

“Look, I’m sure the Swamp would love for President Trump to use a secure phone line or swap out his cell phone every month.  Sure, they could route his calls right into the deep state central switchboard.  That’s why he’s got Jared screening his calls.  No FBI spies giving him trouble and Putin on the line whenever he needs him.”

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