Audacity of mendacity: In mock special counsel interview president tells thirteen provable lies in four minutes

Attorneys and close friends of President Trump are advising him not to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller after a mock interview caught him in thirteen confirmed lies in four minutes.  When the interview halted for a break after just fifteen minutes, the president was up to 34 falsehoods and could have been potentially looking at 47 years in prison for lying to federal investigators had this been an actual interview.

“When they took the first break, I would have told him to run like hell,” said one official close to the president.

President Trump, on the other hand,thought he was playing his interrogators like a cheap fiddle.  “I’ve got them right where I want them,” exclaimed Trump at the break. His attorneys halted the exercise at this point.

According to sources familiar with the interview, some lies were predictable as when he bragged that he’d won the election by the largest margin in history.  Other lies left some scratching their heads.  “He claimed to have dunked on Obama during a game of one on one basketball at the White House on inauguration day.  He also claims to be project leader on a NASA manned mission to Mars.  He says they’re developing a Trump resort with 18 hole martian championship golf course there.”

Said another official, “It was really something to see.  He was deceiving and misleading, zigging and zagging.  He was playing three dimensional fibbing.”



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