Norwegian migrant workers descend upon California

Answering President Trump’s call for more Norwegian immigrants, thousands of guest workers from Norway have descended upon California in search of seasonal ag employment.  The response has been so overwhelming that special tent cities have been erected to deal with the enormous influx.

The state is also struggling to meet some of the invited immigrants unique demands. “We’ve run into a shortage of reindeer steaks. Also, if anyone knows how to make glogg, please let us know,” says Dennis Ball, Deputy Administrator for Homeland Security.

In California and elsewhere, employers are scrambling to meet the expectations of these highly desirable guest laborers.  “Well they expect free health and dental, a living wage, and they only want to work 30 hours a week,” complains John Nichols, a vegetable grower and distributor.  “Additionally, they want five weeks of paid vacation per year, free tuition on higher education and 48 weeks of parental leave per child.  It’s quite a list of demands, but if you want the best…”

For some Norwegian immigrants, life in the United States is not living up to what the great orange one promised.  “The reindeer meat sucks,” said one new arrival, “and the beer is too weak.  Compared to Norway, this place is kind of a shit hole.”

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